Management Team

Managing Eurologix International is a pretty full time job and we have developed a magnificent way of doing it that keeps it fresh and lively whatever the company does and wherever it is based. At the centre, Eurologix Management provides advisory and managerial support to all of the different Eurologix companies and our specialist Sector teams around the world.

Our people in Europe, Canada and Middle East offer regional support and between us and the Sector teams we manage Eurologix interests across the whole of the globe. Eurologix number-crunchers get to manage Eurologix's financial assets in the group, our inspirational marketeers and Sales team get to protect and maximise the value of the Eurologix brand and our touchy-feely people teams ensure Eurologix is an employer of choice Seeing as the Eurologix businesses are all so diverse and independent, we pretty much practice a collaborative and supportive style of custodianship.

We give birth to new Eurologix International companies, encourage them to walk, hold their hands and then watch them on their way as they become fully-fledged members of the Eurologix family. To help manage the growth and development of our Eurologix family we have set up sector teams, each run by a Managing Partner. These bigwigs look after interests in Security , Medical, Telecomm Media and Green (clean technology) investments. The specialists keep our companies on their toes and ensure we keep developing better experiences and world beating products.

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