Market Sectors

Eurologix principal markets are listed and we ensure that we provide innovation and creativity to those markets backed up by a world-class service support infrastructure. These market sectors are technologically and operationally complex environments, where the pressure to modernise, enhance value and secure operations is growing. We also have an expanding client base in the wider commercial market.

Our business strategy in these markets is to provide innovative quality products that meet the requirements and the perception of the customer and regulator. We aim to provide the “Best in Class” imaging on all of our x-ray security products and the availability for 3 Dimensional imaging on all models. All of our security products are the latest cutting edge in security detection technology.

Our core ethos for these markets is to provide a world-class service support infrastructure that takes care of your needs 24 hours 365 days a year, every year. Our service technology ensures that your products are virtual monitored to ensure an extra peace of mind in today’s demanding operational environment.

“My aim as C.E.O of Eurologix is to ensure that our markets have the latest smart technology and security solutions backed up by world-class customer service. I like to think I have a simple job backed up by a team at Eurologix that are leaders in their field in security detection”

Gen. Raymond Dubois Retd.