Police and Military

Eurologix has ensured that the Police and military have the latest technology in the market to detect, prevent and secure its requirements. Our technology is made robust for every environment and can be deployed very quickly for operations. Eurologix is proud to have the “Best in class” x-ray imaging in the market, which helps identify threats, contraband and weapons faster and clearer than any other system.

We work closely with the police to ensure that they are up to date with the latest technology and how they can implement that into their working protocol. Our military division has ensured that soldiers and the general population have been kept safe through technology detection of threats from a distance or our virtual “PAT DOWN” by the millimeter wave Body scanner.

Here at Eurologix we have the ultimate turnkey solution to assist and provide the latest security technology. This results in reducing time consuming searches with accuracy and discretion, keeping man power to a minimum, ensuring a smooth safe running operation.

“When our soldiers and police officers go to protect our interests, they ensure that the security that protects their interests is Eurologix every time”