Eurologix has worked in partnership with prisons and correctional institution to ensure that our security technology does the job that is required by prison officers. We have worked closely with the Home office in the United Kingdom and other European and North American institutions and correctional regulators.

To ensure a safe environment for prisoners, staff and visitors it is important to have the most accurate security technology in the market. Eurologix has provided very innovative products for the Prison market sector. Such as the B.O.S.S III Chair and B.O.S.S Wand for non – invasive searching of human orifices. This has saved time and ensured accuracy at the prevention of threat items, Drugs, mobile phones and sim cards entering into the prison system. Innovative prison technology from prison tagging to 3D x-ray scanning is backed up by a world class service infrastructure that understands the prison service requirements and protocol.

Here at Eurologix we have the ultimate turnkey solution to assist and provide the latest security technology. This results in reducing time consuming searches with accuracy and discretion, keeping man power to a minimum, ensuring a smooth safe running operation.

“We aim to ensure that our security technology prevents illegal contraband entering the Prison service and it protects the prisoners, staff and visitors from harm”