Air, Sea, Road

Protecting our transit systems from acts of terror or hooliganism presents unique security challenges. Only reliable security detection within aviation, vechicle transport and maritime can ensure the safe passage of the general public.

Eurologix is determined and committed to eliminating threats at airports and on-board aircraft, and is increasingly providing security solutions for mass-transit systems and passenger terminals across the globe.

The combination x-ray screening, millimeter wave body scanners, results in systems to detect explosives, weapons and illegal items in baggage or on passengers themselves.
Here at Eurologix we have the ultimate turnkey solution to assist and provide the latest security technology. This results in reducing time consuming searches with accuracy and discretion, keeping man power to a minimum, ensuring a smooth safe running operation.

“We ensure that your journey from A to B is secure and safe by using security technology to prevent any such harm that tries to come your way”