body screening

Whole Body Imaging Screening Solutions

Eurologix Security, a provider and exclusive partner of passive millimeter wave security turnkey checkpoint systems and other technology applications, has announced that its whole body imaging systems solutions are ready for deployment in airports and other government facilities. These systems are designed to clearly detect non-metallic and metallic items hidden under clothing, such as the powdered explosives used by the attempted airline bomber Christmas day.

Passive millimeter wave imaging systems are the only globally deployed checkpoint system available in the industry that does not emit radiation or energy at people during the screening process. Instead, they only receive naturally occurring millimeter waves from the human body, and any items hidden on someone’s body will show up in clear contrast in displayed images. The resolution of the images is designed to keep from showing anatomical detail, in order to protect individuals’ privacy. Eurologix Security provides a total integrated solution to the current security requirement for whole body imaging of suspected threats.