Radiation Surveys are performed in accordance with the Ionising radiation regulations 1999. If you have an x-ray security machine, you must ensure that it regularly has a critical examination and that your local Health & Safety Executive has been informed that you have an x-ray security machine. You should also have a set of local rules as per the ioninsing regulations 1999. If you need advice on any aspect of the regulations or what you require to do as part of the law. Then we can provide advice or we can represent you and ensure that all regulations are meet as per the ionising regulations 1999. A critical examination is a radiation survey of the x-ray security machine ensuring that no leakage radiation is above 1 micro Sievert. This ensures that your staff and customers have peace of mind and it ensures that you comply to the ionising radiation regulations 1999. We can provide an adhoc critical examination survey of your x-ray machine within 24 hours of the request. Also we provide TLD Equipment <Click Here>

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